Today marks 2 years of us living in Costa Rica. In some ways this pandemic has made it seem so much longer than that. There are so many things that we love about living here and not getting to enjoy them is making it really hard. For example, spending time with new friends that have become like family, the sights, our school, and the beaches, well, at least I like the beaches.

Our school campus has been closed since March 12, but we have been very fortunate to have full-time online school since then. The kids still have two weeks and they are ready for a break. Although, I’m not really sure how we will fill our time. We have tickets to go to the states at the end of June but they keep extending the border closures so we’re not sure. The neighborhood pool is still closed and we still have driving restrictions. We are trying to make the most of our time at home by playing games, cooking, watching too much tv 😱, playing video games virtually with cousins, and FaceTiming with grandparents.

If we don’t get to come home this summer we will just exchange our tickets and wait until Christmas. Hopefully we can fly my parents here when the borders open again. We are hopeful that that will happen sometime late summer. We will be looking forward to that. Until then, hopefully when the beaches open back up I can drag my family for a beach trip somewhere with a pool and some new scenery to look at with no computers and no grumbling.

Isn’t it all so unpredictable right now everywhere though? What will school look like in the fall? We are not guaranteed normalcy. We are not guaranteed jobs. I think I just assumed that someone would snap their fingers and everything was just going to go back to normal. That is so naive.

I am so thankful that Costa Rica is taking this so seriously. I feel very safe here. If it wasn’t for feeling so far away from family and friends I would really be in good shape. I’ve said this before but it’s really just this feeling of isolation and the knowing that if I needed to get home I couldn’t.

On a completely different note, I used to be really into running, it was the cheapest form of exercise that I could do when the kids were really little and just about the only thing I could find time for since they were so close in age. I’ve been very unmotivated since we moved here. One of my very best friends, Courtney Reasons, has been very inspirational. She is very vocal about her struggles with weight and feeling unmotivated to exercise. She’ll set running goals and put them out there for everyone to see and she’s very transparent and I appreciate that about her. Today’s her birthday, shout out to Courtney! And she mentioned to a few of us that she was wanting to run 6.1 miles for her birthday and wanted to see if some of us wanted to commit to running some mileage for her birthday and so I said I would commit but didn’t know how many I would commit to (because I am very out of shape and uncommitted) and kind of at the last minute I said I would do 6.1 but it will probably take me all day to do it. I knew that Sloane and I would do part of it this morning and then I would try to do the rest throughout the day.

This morning I decided to do it all this morning because it is SO STINKING 🥵 and I would even do an extra 10th of a mile to commemorate two years in CR on June 1 so 6-1 for Court and 6.2 for 2 years in June.  It was hard and SUPER SLOW but I did it and it felt so good to set a goal and actually accomplish it. So here’s to Courtney!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈🎉🎁 and here’s to 2 years living in Costa Rica!!And here’s to Andi Sloane running 2.38 miles

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