First Grandparent Visit

Just a little backstory here…..So when I got married and moved away from home my mom used to tell people that I had moved to another country (I lived in Little Rock and Memphis, about 2 hours away from my parents in Northeast Arkansas.) At one point I had to tell my mom she needed to be careful because some people she knew ACTUALLY did have children that moved to other countries to become missionaries.

I honestly would have never thought that I would be one of those people to move out of the country so I just kept teasing my mom about living soooo far away in Memphis…until one day I had to tell her I WAS ACTUALLY MOVING OUT OF THE COUNTRY!😫

This was the first time they have flown out of the country and I am really proud of them. They got their passports and were on their way!

They left Nashville at 6am and were here by noon!! Here are some pictures of them on their way.

They arrived in Costa Rica with no problems and even had all their luggage!🙌🏽

Here we all are at the airport. I really couldn’t believe that they were here!

We got home and had to open up all of our goodies from the States. I had ordered some things from Amazon and mom and dad had gotten us all “prizes.” It was like Christmas!

The rest of Saturday we just hung out and talked. Sunday morning we were excited to show my parents where we go to church and introduce them to our new church family. They felt very at home there and were impressed how kind everyone was.

That evening we had a kids cooking competition. Blake Leigh against Sloane, and Benson, Nathan and my mom were the judges. They had 35 min and not very many ingredients to work with. Benson was also the photographer, time keeper and show host. Benson wasn’t able to keep Blake Leigh’s dessert down so sloane was the clear winner. all 3 judges actually really enjoyed Sloane’s chocolate eclair with whipped cream so much that they were fighting over the rest!

I also need to show this picture…..we were behind this vehicle on the way to church that morning……that van is FULL of people! Only in Costa Rica! Pura Vida!

Monday morning, after talking the kids to school, I took mom and dad to La Paz waterfall gardens and animal sanctuary. We did some hiking and took in lots of beautiful scenery. We were all pretty worn out after that! You can see my dad in the picture above. I’m not sure how many times he said “are we almost there?”

That evening Nathan and I got to go on our first date since we moved here. We went to a fancy dinner place and he surprised me with a massage. We were so thankful that my parents were here to watch the kids. On Tuesday mom went to Zumba class with me and then we got to enjoy the pool. Our friends, Diego and Katherine from church came over and mom fixed them lunch.

Wednesday we went on a field trip with some other new moms from school to the central market in San José. It was a neat experience and it was nice to just hop on a bus and not have to drive. We had a “typical” Costa Rica breakfast and got to see some neat sights from downtown. Thursday I took my parents to the beach that is closest to us (about and hour and 15 min.) We, of course, had to stop at the crocodile bridge and see some crocs!! We ate at a great restaurant on the way home and even tried some new foods. We got back later that afternoon just in time to miss the rain and see he kids after school.

Friday we just kind of chilled and rested up from a busy week.

Some of the highlights of the week for me were Grammy and Sloane sewing together, mom and I cooking together, and of course Peepaw fixing bikes that were in desperate need of fixing, playing cards and just getting to show them around this beautiful country that we get to live in. Here are some pictures of our “see you in December.” (Not goodbye)I am so proud of them for doing this and I hope it gives them the confidence to do it again! We can’t wait to see them again in December! Until then, we are being careful mom, I promise!!❤️

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