I have gone back and forth about doing a post during this crisis we are all facing. I know sometimes I come across whiney and I certainly don’t want to do that, so I have started several post and then decided to wait until I was in a better frame of mind and honestly I just keep on coming back to the same place.  THIS IS REALLY HARD!! It is hard for everyone!!

I certainly don’t want to act like I am in any worse shape than anyone else so please don’t think that as you read this. I recently read a very good little poem type thingy on facebook about how we are not all in the same boat but we are in the same storm…… I won’t quote it because I don’t know who the author is but I think that it it so true.  I also think that we can see the beauty in this crisis one day and then the next day feel like we are drowning in sorrow.  (Or like at my house with 2 kids in the beginning stages of puberty it can feel like we are living minute by minute.)

To start with the positives, we feel very fortunate that our school was able to get ahead of all this and sent the kids home with ipads and computers so that they can have full online distance learning during this time.  My kids are pretty much “in school” from 8-3.  Luckily, Benson and Sloane are able to do it independently. I do have to help Blake from time to time but she has stepped up as well and I am proud of her.  They all have amazing teachers that are, I think, having to work as hard or harder than they were before.

Nathan is also able to work from home and that is a huge blessing. I know he is having to be very patient as Benson and Sloane are still having to practice band and that is super loud, and just the normal 3 kids and a dog being in the house is loud as well.  We’ve only had a few issues with the internet being stretched between 4 people actively working online all day.

We also have a beautiful place to walk around and play during this time.  Of course, the pool and playgrounds are closed, but we have sidewalks to ride our bikes on and the skatepark to play around on.  Sloane and I are still doing our morning walk/jog and she has gotten to where she can run a whole mile without stopping to walk!! This is huge progress considering she broke her leg this time last year.  We usually do 2-3 miles and then something else in the afternoon/evening to get some more exercise with the whole family.  Mainly flag football, tennis, or just walking around the neighborhood waving at the neighbors from an acceptable distance. We also really enjoyed picking mangos in the neighborhood and making different kinds of jellies and salsa!this is a cashew tree in the neighborhood. A friend told me that you do not eat these raw!

We have played A LOT of games together including monopoly, which I have always hated until now because we are actually able to play long enough to get to the fun part!!! We have also played a lot of 5 crowns.  If you have never heard of this game…..order it on amazon now!!  It is so fun and it has really helped Blake Leigh with math. Our friends,Terry and Lydia Wright, introduced it to us when we were in New York last winter.  And one of our favorite things to do are “Chopped Challenges” where I give the girls a set of random ingredients and they have to make something edible. We have watched a lot of “Nailed it” episodes so this weekend we are going to do a “Nailed it” challenge. We have also enjoyed building forts to sleep in and makeovers.

I wouldn’t be my transparent self if I didn’t mention the difficult parts of this isolation in this post.  Some people may already know this but we can’t leave Costa Rica right now.  We haven’t been able to since this all began.  Yes, the embassy is putting together flights for people to leave the country, BUT if we left we would lose our residency status and not be able to come back.  This kind of makes me feel claustrophobic and anxious.  If something happened to our family we could not go home.  It’s one thing to be here and know that I am 2 plane rides from home if something happened.  This is different.  I just have to put it out of my head and not think about.  I just continue to pray for our family and friends in The States to stay safe and healthy.

For my birthday earlier this month, Nathan had planned for my parents to surprise me.  He had it pictured where when he came home from work the day before he would just walk in with them.  He was so excited and so proud of himself for keeping the secret.  I think he said he had bought the tickets right after Christmas.  When the coronavirus stuff started, I think he, and my parents were hopeful that it would still work out.  He knew long before my birthday that it wasn’t going to work out but he still kept the secret and told me on facetime that morning with my parents.  I was so sad but so impressed that he had put that all together.  We were supposed to go to the beach with them for our Easter break and obviously that didn’t happen.

As I mentioned before 2 out of 3 of my kids are a little all over the place hormonally and this Is a time that they really need space AWAY from each other and more time with their friends. This has been challenging to say the least.  Hopefully this will be something we all look back on and laugh someday.  And we will just all be so happy that no one has severely injured anyone else during this time.😩🤦🏼‍♀️

It also doesn’t help that during the heat of the day it can be 88 degrees in the house.  We all have a hard time concentrating and not being grouchy during this time so sometimes I just send everyone to their rooms to enjoy some air conditioning.  I am actually heading to the store today to look for a little pool for the yard. The bugs 🐜 (even scorpions) are terrible too! Sloane has had to start sleeping with mosquito repellent bands on because she wakes up covered in mosquito bites.

I have one more story that I want to document because I do not want to forget it.  So here, and probably everywhere else, they are limiting our travel and the stores are limiting the crowds so only one person per family can go in.  One day when we were able to travel because our license plate ended in the right number, Nathan took Sloane to the grocery store. (He didn’t know at the time that they were limiting it to one person per household.) They got to the door and the gentleman told him (in Spanish) that they couldn’t both go in.  He was probably a little puzzled considering she is obviously a minor but the guy was insistent.  We needed weekly groceries and Sloane had gone because she needed some specific things for my birthday cake.  Now I stop here because if it had been she and I, I probably would have been disappointed and frustrated and taken her home and gone back by myself.  I am glad that it was Nathan with her and not me because he made a different but great decision….he gave her the debit card and sent her on her way with a list!! She is 11!! She was able to pick out our weekly groceries, produce and all, and the extra stuff that she needed.  Keep in mind that it is a small, local grocery store and Nathan stayed at the door and watched for her.  When it came time to check out she had 3 separate orders.  One with the family debit card, one with her card and she even got some stuff for Blake Leigh with her debit card.  Luckily, they saw that she needed help and let Nathan come in to help her check out.

She said that she was shaking and nervous but so proud of herself.  When they came home and told me she was just beaming.  I couldnt believe it!!! If I had only one word to describe Andi Sloane it would be capable.  I am so proud of her confidence.  If I have learned one thing from this whole experience its that we can really do amazing things when we are outside our comfort zones.

We are still hopeful that we will be able to come home sometime this summer.  We are really needing to see family and friends but obviously need to keep everyone safe. I’m just going to leave you with a few pictures to make you laugh.

2 thoughts on “Isloated

  1. Yall are doing great down there Keep up the good work. I know it must be really hard for all.Miss all of you!!!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing and being so transparent. You are certainly in a difficult situation but I see a lot of great character qualities developing. I am so proud of each of you for making the best of your time there. Stay strong! Love you so much!


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