Accepting Growth and Change

As I sit here preparing myself for a meeting at the immigration office this morning I have so many contradicting thoughts running through my head. We are having this meeting to get permission for Benson to travel alone to The States at the beginning of next month. He is attending a performing arts festival in Orlando.

When Benson first approached us with this idea I was very hesitant. For many reasons… He is my baby boy and has never traveled out of the country without us, he didn’t know really who all was going, and selfishly, I’m a little bit jealous that he gets to go to Universal Studios. 

The more we looked into it the more we realized that it would be a great opportunity. It is associated with Juilliard and he is very passionate about music. Playing and writing. 

We spoke to his band director, who is going with the group, and he really encouraged us to let Benson sign up. So here we are, giving our permission for our little boy to travel to Orlando by plane without us. The thoughts that are going through my head are things like “he’s still a baby.” “I’m so proud of him.” “He’s only 12!” “He’s getting to be so independent!” I’m truly all over the place. I’m so excited for him to get to do something like this. He very well may get homesick but I know in the end it will be a great experience.

I still can’t believe that he wanted to do this. If you would’ve asked me, or even him, two years ago I think we both would have laughed. It’s almost been two years since we decided to make this move. (March 2018) and we have all changed and grown a lot since then. I look back at the little shy boy that we brought here and now see him maturing and gaining more confidence every day. I attribute a lot of that to his band experience but also putting himself in a position to except a change and run with it. None of the kids wanted to move and he was the most resistant. I’m very proud of him and hope that we are making the right decision. Benson in front of Carnegie Hall

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