From Bensons Perspective

To commemorate us being in Costa Rica for 18 months I want to share a story that Benson wrote for a school assignment recently. They were supposed to share a story of something that happened in their life that really affected them. I really enjoyed hearing from his perspective. Although, it’s a little bit funny to see how concerned he was about the dog!

When I Moved to Costa Rica

By Benson Bland

Sometimes you have to move. It could be because your dad made you do it for his job. Or to a bigger house etc. My friends have had to do that and maybe yours too.

It was 6 in the morning. My entire family had slept at my house. You should’ve heard how loud my house was the night before. I couldn’t sleep that night because the next day I would move to Costa Rica.

I got out of bed in my house in Bartlett, Tennessee. I was extremely tired because I didn’t sleep that night. I looked at my watch, 5:59 am. Nobody was up despite the fact that we were moving that day. I waited thinking of my life to come until my cousins, grandparents, parents, aunt, or uncle got up (If my sisters got I would pretend I was asleep until someone else woke me up so they don’t annoy me). Once everybody got up (13 people including me in my medium-size house in the States), we got our luggage 17 bags and a dog went to Gibson’s Doughnuts in downtown Memphis where when I was little, I and my dad would go there every Saturday morning for some donuts. We all were very anxious because we all knew that soon we would have to say goodbye.

Once we all got the delicious donuts (I got maple bacon) we started heading towards the Memphis “International” Airport (It only goes barely to Canada or Mexico) the tears started coming. You might think I have no heart but I never cried. We unloaded all of our luggage and I got the dog (we faked him as an emotional support animal so he could be with us on the plane  (Don’t worry we drugged him). We left our big suitcases with the people who worked there so we didn’t have to put them as carry-ons. When we finished with that, we said our goodbyes to our big family.

My grandpa on my dad’s side doesn’t really like dogs but he actually said bye to my dog and petted him! Then my uncle on my mom’s side (Context: Brothers and sisters don’t like each other but they were fine with each other but this is very deep) was crying and he said he loved her.

When about a gallon of tears was shed we went to security and we got some weird looks from the officers when we came in with my dog but we got through perfectly fine. With all the people there, my dog was going nuts.

As we were walking up the stairs a HUGE American flag appeared. It was probably 50ft long and 20ft wide.                                                                                                                                      Once we got to the gate, we still had about an hour. So, we gave my dog some food and water. He is an Aussiedoodle. He has beautiful blue eyes and he has a white head. Underneath his mouth it is copper. His ears are greyish and his body is black and grey.

Once the people finally let us in we got on the plane. The foot room is super small and we couldn’t move around until the plane was in the air. We couldn’t go for another hour so we waited and waited. When the plane finally started we got our to get up once the plane took off.

We played a few games and listened to music. Suddenly my ears felt weird and my head started spinning and I realized we were landing. Once we landed we grabbed our carry-ons went to our next gate. Once we got there we left our stuff with my dad and went to get food. I got a hamburger and got my last Dr. Pepper. And we went back to the gate.’

We took our dog to the bathroom over and over and he never would. He had gone 4hrs and never gone (that we know of). After about four hours. of doing that and watching movies we finally managed to get on the plane.

Once we were on it was about 3 pm. We finally got on and the plane took off and it was good on the 5hr flight. About halfway through the ride, a guy was probably heading to the bathroom and passed out. I was watching something so I didn’t hear what was going on. My dad told me that he was the guy who pressed the flight attendant button.

Once the flight ended somehow the time ended up to ten (I’ve counted the hours and still don’t know what happened that made it so late.

We went through customs and after that, it was 12 am.

We got all our bags and I had the dog which is enough. And we headed to the taxi. Once we got home  Blue (my dog) and I went straight to the back yard and went he went to the bathroom.

When he went I felt like the happiest person alive because he is a small dog and going 12hrs and not going to the bathroom is VERY HARD. It felt like I was going to Disney World. I went outside to tell the good news. Everyone was really happy. Then, we all went to look at our long-awaited house.

Going to the bathroom,  it is a problem every living creature faces. It makes you miss movies and causes video game deaths. It can ruin road trips and can cause stinky disasters. My dog is very small and surprisingly could hold it for that long. We all glad he didn’t end up going on the plane because that would have been a disaster.

I’m really proud of Benson for being able to put all this in words. His teacher obviously asked for a lot of details and I think we will be glad to have all that looking back someday.

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