Summer camps and “hanging out”

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Last week the kids went to the first of 2 camps that came highly recommended by our new “buddy family” from school. It was called Educamp and the kids had a pretty good time. I say pretty good because they were a little apprehensive at first. Especially Sloane, excuse me, Andi. She has pretty much decided to go by her first name because people here have a really hard time saying Sloane (her middle name.) She had a hard time with me leaving her every day but the last day.

I was really proud of them though. Being left at a new place not knowing anyone, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have done that as a kid! Right, mom? These kids are really amazing. Their bravery gets me through the day. Not to say there haven’t been times where they have completely lost it and begged to go home.

We are doing our best to make this our home and every day that gets a little better. Here are a few pictures from their first week of camp.

While the kids were at camp I was on a mission to buy a new tv to replace the one that was broken in transit from Memphis. I was able to find one, unpack it, and set it all up by myself. I felt very productive that day🤓

The second camp the kids went to was this week. It was called fit yogis camp. The kids got to do arial yoga and a lot of other cool stuff. I was actually a little jealous that I couldn’t stay and play!

We are really settling in and doing well. I am thankful for all the prayers and words of encouragement. We are enjoying these last few weeks before school starts. We are having fun biking around the neighborhood, swimming and discovering all of the beauty, (and wildlife😬)  at our new home.

The kids were able to pick mangoes at camp last week so I had the pleasure of peeling and slicing about 30 mangoes. It was totally worth it. As you can see the frogs and iguanas here are massive.

We recently went to visit one of the many volcanoes here in Costa Rica. It is only about 1 1/2 hours from our house and hasn’t been active since 1994. It is called Irazú and it was beautiful.

We got to see a lot of pretty farm land on the way and some working oxen. We got to drive through the clouds and go on some very rural one lane roads. That is living in Costa Rica though.

On a more personal note. I am doing some adjusting of my own. I can’t quite get used to the rain. It is rainy season here which means at some point during the day IT WILL RAIN. It may be a downpour or just a sprinkle and it is pretty predictable, well to most locals, but not me. YET:) I also got stung or bitten by something on my knee recently and almost had to go to the doctor but luckily I dodged that bullet.

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