First Steps….

IMG_7589One of the fist things that we needed to do was to show the kids the new country that we were moving them to.  We decided to forgo other spring break plans that we had and go as a family to Costa Rica.  We wanted to look at schools, houses and do some sightseeing.  It was a great trip and it really helped the kids feel better about the move.

Many people have asked how the kids handled the news that we were moving…well, to be really honest it was a pretty horrible experience.  Benson, our oldest, was 10 at the time, was fighting MAD.  Sloane (9) was very sad. Blake Leigh (7) was actually pretty excited but had no clue the extent of what we were telling her.  All she knew was that she was going to get to see a volcano at some point.

Getting to see the beauty of the country and seeing how friendly the people were really helped the kids accept the fact that we were moving.  That week that we spent there we were able to find the kid’s school and get a really good idea of where we wanted to live.  We also got to meet our new church family at the Barva Church of Christ.  One of the more uncomfortable things that we had to so while we were there was to get our fingerprinting done to start the immigration process. (see pic below of Benson taking care of the girls)

We went back home with a purpose…to make sure to spend a lot of time with friends and family and to visit our favorite local restaurants before we left.  IMG_5290IMG_5297IMG_5306IMG_7399IMG_7415IMG_7492IMG_5327IMG_5328

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